Engineering dept.

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Head of Engineering dept.

The goal of the Institute is to improve and revolutionize the Mining operations in Nigeria by providing Machineries and Equipment through Research and Developments base on needs and applications for optimal Productivity, Efficiency, Skills development, and Economic growth.

 It is also to provide intervention programs towards achieving the commercialization of Technologies, Technical innovations, and Inventions, using Technology acquisition as a tool to enhance the attainment of technological, industrial, social and economic competitiveness of the Nation and improve the quality of life of the citizenry.

Duties of The Department

The engineering department is a broad department in the institute comprising both Manufacturing and Technical Services. It is the department that is responsible for:

  • Carrying out detailed Design and Development of Engineering Projects.
  • Operations and Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment in the institute.
  • Training of operational and maintenance staff of the institute.
  • Quality assurance at all levels of manufacturing.
  • Maintaining a safe working environment.

To be available very soon!

  • Engineering Design Unit
  • Production Services Unit (comprises of: Advanced Manufacturing Section, Conventional Machine Shop, Welding and Fabrication Section, Mineral Processing Workshop, and Wood Processing Workshop.)
  • Technical Services Unit.
  • Maintenance Unit.