Our vision / Mandates

Our Vision

The goal of the Institute is to improve and revolutionize the Mining operations in Nigeria by providing Machineries and Equipment through Research and Developments base on needs and applications for optimal Productivity, Efficiency, Skills development, and Economic growth.

 It is also to provide intervention programs towards achieving the commercialization of Technologies, Technical innovations, and Inventions, using Technology acquisition as a tool to enhance the attainment of technological, industrial, social and economic competitiveness of the Nation and improve the quality of life of the citizenry.

Our Mandate

Solid Minerals Machinery and Equipment Development Institute, SOMMEDI, Nasarawa, is a mono Mandate institute with the sole mandate for the design, development, fabrication, and mass Production of Solid Minerals Mining and Processing Machinery and Equipment, to provide the enabling environment for sustainable industrialization of the Nigeria’s Mining and Mineral sector and the transfer of same to manufacturers, Mining Operators and Mineral Processors as well as SMEs in the sector.

Our goals

The institute when fully established hope to achieve the following:

  • Machinery and Equipment design, Development and Production
  • Design and production of Machines replacement parts locally
  • On hand Training on Machines operations, maintenance/repairs.
  • On hand skill acquisitions in mining and mineral processing techniques.

It is also intended to achieve the following.

  • Chemical analysis of Minerals (ASS, XRF, etc.)
  • Mineralogical Analysis of Minerals (XRD) etc.
  • Exploration and Mining Geology
  • Mine Planning, Design, and optimization
  • Mineral Processing test/design and plant design